IRO client custom installer



The IRO client custom installer is an installer for the Renewal and Classic version of the International Ragnarök Online client that has been optimised for players who use Wine or CrossOver (although, the installer is fully compatible with Windows).

The installer

The installer distributes a version of the client that

The uninstaller

Key mappings

Function Key mapping
Sit/stand controlS
Capture screen altA
Open/close map of immediate area controlP
Open/close navigation window altN
Open/close private message configuration window altI
Open/close party configuration window altP
Open/close mail window controlM
Open/close achievements window controlA
Open/close Kafra Shop window controlH

Common questions and their answers

Why does the installer not include the Sakray client?

The Sakray client is not included because updating it causes the other clients to generate errors. You may download the Sakray client separately if you want:

Testing client (2019-01-29).7z

How can I use the installer on Windows?

  1. Open the file International Ragnarök Online.msi.
  2. Complete the installation process.
  3. If you installed the client into a subfolder of the folder C:\Program Files (x86):
    1. Open PowerShell while holding shiftcontrol.
    2. Answer the User Account Control prompt affirmatively.
    3. Enter the following:

      & icacls '/grant' '*S-1-5-32-545:(OI)(CI)(F)' (Get-ItemProperty -LiteralPath 'HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{89FEC470-1AF1-4D78-A0A3-16604588BA99}' -Name 'InstallLocation').InstallLocation

File set details

Name Size (bytes) Digest
MD5 SHA-256 xxHash64
International Ragnarök Online.msi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

Change log

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1.0.3 ()

1.0.2 ()

1.0.1 ()